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May 2015

Gentle Yoga Can Provide Big Health Benefits

Health experts and the media continue to recommend 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise like brisk walking. For sedentary people and people with health conditions or the aches and pains of aging, who find fitness centers daunting, twice weekly gentle yoga can bring tremendous benefits. It is well know that yoga improves balance, flexibility, ... Read More »

May 14, 2015 ·


Hatha Yoga Extended Childs Pose

Garland I (Malasana I)

Garland I (Malasana I) is a simple variation to full garland pose providing the many of the physical and mental benefits. English Name:¬†Garland I Sanskrit Name:¬†Malasana I Difficulty Level: 4 Start Position:¬†Standing Mountain Pose Instructions: Step 1. With your feet together or up to 2-feet (60 cm) apart, inhale and squat down between the thighs. ... Read More »

May 5, 2015 ·


Asana of the Month