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July 2016

Yoga Boosts Mental Sharpness

This may not surprise most of you who practice yoga on a regular basis, but it has taken Western Medicine decades to acknowledge the mental and physical benefits of yoga. Improving mental sharpness as you age does not require any hatha yoga asanas to reap the benefits. An article in the May 10, 2016 Journal ... Read More »

July 16, 2016 ·

Yoga Benefits

Lotus Pose

Asana of The Month: Happy Baby (ananda balasana)

  If all adults were as happy as babies, we’d be live in an entirely different world. This months asana is happy baby. An easy asana that opens up the hips, massages abdominal muscles and back and can help relieve anxiety and stress of everyday life. Hold the pose  as long as it feels comfortable. Repeat ... Read More »

July 5, 2016 ·


Asana of the Month